Two Lessons learnt 


Hi Folks and welcome to my new website. This is my first blog so stick with me.

I have been running Ipass for 4-5 years now, I had an old website that
I built myself but it was lacking in skill and was lost somewhere in
the depths of Google, it got so lost I would sometimes forget I had
Then one day it went down and I neither the time or skill to sort it.
I had just begun thinking of out-sourcing the task to a professional
web designer but was so busy with pupils referring their friends i
decided to leave it for a while.

Jumping forward to a warm summers day returning from Knockhill. My
friend and I spotted a car with hazard lights flashing at the side of
the road. We notice a guy was at the side of it and we decided to
stop. I have limited mechanical skills but reckoned he needed a hand
and we may be able to help. It turns out we could. We only spent 15
mins or so but this lad was very grateful and handed me his business
card, his words I believe were “thank you so much, here is my card, I
work as a web designer, if you ever need help give me a call”…..poor
lad, he was taken at his word.

The lad we stopped to help was called Lachlan and it because of
Lachlan being true to his word I now have my new website.

I emailed Lachlan a few months later and asking how he was, how he got
on and if he could help me out with my online presence. Being the guy
he is, he took up the challenge and in his own time has built my
website to my own specifications. He has designed it using the Ipass
logo and colour scheme and has made a great job of it.

Now I am the lad who is truly grateful.

There have been two lessons we can all take away from this, always use
a professional to do a better job, DIY websites are never as good as a
professionally built site, DIY plumbing is unlikely to remain water
tight and the same can be said for Driver Training….this should also
be left to the professionals.

The other lesson is, maybe we should take a few minutes to help a
stranded driver out, even if its just to ask if help is on the way or
if there is anything you can do…… sometimes it pays to be kind.