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iPass driver training offers B+E trailer training (provided by a Grade A qualified instructor) to companies and individuals who require the B+E category adding to their licence or refresher course for towing a trailer or caravan. I have a proven track record and a high first time pass rate.

I work closely with my customers, using client led coaching techniques ensuring you are equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude required to safely tow a vehicle and/or pass the additional practical test

Courses include the use of a vehicle and trailer for B+E training for test or refreshers purposes, all exercises are conducted at our own private training area and on local roads.

What training is available?

Caravan or trailer towing refresher courses.

Caravan Towing or Trailer towing courses are available for drivers who already have the B&E category on their license but wish to learn the skill of towing or just need a refresher. It may be someone who has hired a caravan for a family holiday, someone who requires to tow a trailer for work or has taken up a hobby such as auto sports that requires towing a trailer or caravan. Caravan and trailer towing differs from car and caravan or trailer outfit but the principles are the same. If you are new to towing then there are a lot of things to consider.  Caravan towing, trailer training courses and refresher courses last between two and three hours.  I will cover things such as.

Coupling a trailer or caravan, reversing with a trailer or caravan, road position, vehicle towing capacity, relevant laws on towing, Loading advice and maintenance.

B + E is the Driving Standards Agency practical driving test for a car and trailer.

No medical examination or additional theory test is required.

Your trailer training course will be based on meeting the criteria to successfully pass the car and trailer test. In addition we also introduce some advanced eco/safe driving skills which will enhance your driving skills for life.

  • You will need to demonstrate that you can drive to a high and safe standard when towing.

  • You must demonstrate that you can safely uncouple and recouple your trailer to your vehicle.

  • You will need to know that all the trailer lights are working and that inspect the trailer as if you had never previously used it.

  • You must demonstrate how to reverse your trailer (‘s’ manoeuvre) over a distance into a relatively confined (but sufficiently wide) area into a marked stopping position which will require you to judge the length of your car and trailer combination.

  • We will cover the basic vehicle check questions 2 of which will be asked by the examiner.

What does the test involve?

This test is based on the lorry driving test and lasts for approx.1.5 hours. It is important you drive at a very good level. The examiner will know you are not a novice driver but they will be looking for a good level of driver skill.

Every B+E test takes approx 1.30 mins to complete. B+E tests are only conducted at specific driving test centres. You MUST bring your valid driving license! The examiner will need to see and check it before you begin the test. We have two test centres in Aberdeen.

At the start of the test you will be required to read a number plate to check your eyesight. You will then be asked a number of Questions about the safety of your vehicle & trailer. We issue all our candidates with the “Show Me Tell Me” Questions. Study these in your own time. You then have to complete a reverse manoeuvre.

The test will start with the uncoupling and re-coupling procedure. You will then be asked to perform the ” Reverse or S Maneouvre” (which you have to be able to do). I will explain the DSA method of reversing and all the safety checks you will need to know. I will teach you how to carry out your lighting checks and the order in which you will have to couple and uncouple the trailer when you are on test.

Do not underestimate the standard of driving that you will need to achieve to be successful in the test. The majority of drivers that fail the B+E test do so because their road driving skills do not meet the required standard. If you make mistakes on test the crucial issue is not to worry, the mistake might be less serious and may not affect your result. The examiner is looking for an overall safe standard of driving.


B&E training.

An initial 1 1/2 hour Assessment lesson is carried out covering general safety advice, driving with a trailer, reversing, vehicle checks, coupling, and uncoupling.

This will allow me to tailor your training to meet your specific needs. Together we will agree next steps.


If it is a refresher, this may be enough but if the goal is to prepare for the DVSA B&E car and trailer test then together we will agree on a course to achieve this.

Often preparation for the B&E test takes between 6-12 hrs driving practice but this can be more.


I offer various course options  


One day course

This is best suited to a driver who has shown a high level of road craft and has some experience with towing and reversing a trailer. The day consists of 4-6 hrs training with the test taken at the end.


Two day course

This is best suited to a driver who needs some road craft development, with some limited towing and reversing experience. 7-12hrs training with the B&E test taken at the end


Three day course.

This is best suited to someone who needs some road craft development who has no experience of towing or reversing a trailer. 13hrs or more training with a B&E test taken at the end.


If you would like more info, price quote or wish to book your driver assessment with me, please get intouch via email or phone.


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